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Jesus is my Running Mate | From Church and State
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Church and State (2019)

"Apathy is a four letter word..." | From Church and State
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Church and State | From Church and State
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Sand Lake Center for the Arts/Circle Theatre Players

(Oct. 4-13, 2019)

Production of Church and State 

by Jason Odell William

Directed by Patrick White

Jesus is my Running Mate

-Lyrics by Sawyer Harrington-Verb-

This nation needs guidance
This country needs hope
When we reach for the future
We know, we know...

That we gotta protect the south so free
Gotta stamp the bible in the laws that be
We gotta go to church, assure our fate
Pray to make our country great

Christ may have died for our sins
But also died to help us win
So go to vote, run don’t wait
Vote for me and Jesus…My running mate!

The Cherry Orchard
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“My Sunshine! My Springtime!”
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A Summer Picnic
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Anya and Pétya
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The Cherry Orchard (2018)

The Hartt School Production of "The Cherry Orchard'

by Anton Chekhov

Directed by David Watson

Score Produced by John Pike
Recorded by Riley Simone
Clarinet: Natalie Wheeler
Viola: Nick Borghoff
Double Bass: Chris Hernandez
Piano: Dawson Atkins

A Ball
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Pishchik's Waltz
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"A High Class Tramp"
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Dunyasha's Waltz
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"Please, take me back to Paris!"
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Firs's Waltz
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“We’ll Plant a New Orchard”
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Firs’s Death
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