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Sawyer Harrington-Verb is a composer, storyteller, and educator with a diverse musical background. Drawing inspiration from visual arts and literature, his music has always centered around the art of storytelling, starting from his first orchestral premiere, a tone poem drawing from one of his favorite fables, Abiyoyo. Sawyer has a passion for collaborating with others, whether this means working with directors to realize their creative vision or by collaborating directly with performers to create a piece that both challenges and excites the musician. 


Sawyer has created many unique and enjoyable experiences for audiences through his work in interactive children’s media. He believes that allowing audiences to engage in media and music in hands-on ways through videos and audio can create enjoyable, emotional, and even educational experiences for families and children. Through traditional film scores, Sawyer looks to elevate stories to new heights with sophisticated and memorable music that cuts to the story's emotional core.

To date, he has worked with emerging children media companies like Hellosaurus and Novel Effect as well as on animated short films, underscores for theatrical productions, podcasts, and more. He is currently working as an additional composer on the Netflix animated show, Princess Power.

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